Josh's Mustang GT
SN95 Mustang Upgrades

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"Assembly is the reverse of disassembly."

Don't you just hate that? So do we. We'll always tell you what it really takes to reassemble your car. We're also going to tell you exactly which size wrench, socket, or screwdriver you'll need. And we're going to tell you when a step is really hard. And in a few places, we're going to show you how to beat the system.

At Paradise Garage, we're guys like you: working on cars because we enjoy it. This is what we did, and how we did it.

The fourth-generation Mustang, known as the SN95 Mustang and produced from 1994 to 2004, enjoyed a production run of some 1,627,919 units. We mention this because this book in your hands truly belongs in the glovebox of every single one of those 1.6 million cars. Please do your part.

If you're like most gearheads, you look at the basic musclecar as a canvas. A treasure, to be sure, but an incomplete treasure, requiring your enthusiastic attention to finish into the fine piece of art it could become. Well, friend, you are in the right place. This book will set you down the path of Mustang-mod nirvana, a path some of you will not abandon until your car has very few parts left on it actually manufactured by Ford. We wish you the best fortune in your endeavors.

The car in this book is a 1995 Mustang GT. Because you have the stats of every Mustang memorized, you already know that this is one of only two model years that the SN95 chassis carried the 5.0L V8 instead of the 4.6L V8. If you're one of the lucky 60,000 or so with a nearly identical car, congratulations, you've found your bible. If your Mustang has one of the various other engines Ford stuffed into the SN95 over the years, you'll still find useful information in these pages but you'll have to wing it for some of the specifics.

ISBN 1-932295-11-9
Brian F. Schreurs

112 pages, 142 photos
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